Kawasaki Disease Center-Team members               




Ho-Chang Kuo, MD., PhD., FAAAAI (郭和昌 醫師)

F:\得獎及證書\AAAAI polo.jpgMore than 150 peer-reviewed KD papers

2 Nature Genetics papers

3 KD book chapters (Nova, Springer, InTech)

4 KD books for parents

JACI, Allergy, Arthritis and Rheumatology, Circulation Research... Kawasaki Disease. ISBN978-981-19-2943-4, Springer Nature. Editor: Ho-Chang Kuo. (2022 published)

1st blog for KD in Taiwan



1st Face book group in Taiwan









Kai-Sheng Hsieh, MD. (謝凱生 教授)

川崎症發表: 20















Ying-Hsien Huang, MD., PhD. (黃瀛賢 醫師)

Description: F:\生技獎\黃贏賢-1.JPG

7 peer-reviewed KD papers

1 NSC grant

1 CGMH grant

1 Textbook chapter for KD







Kuang-Che Kuo, MD., PhD. (郭光哲 醫師)

F:\生技獎\于鴻仁.JPG25 Peer-reviewed KD papers

2 NSC grants of KD

1 Children heart foundation grant















Ding-Wei Chen, PhD (陳定濰 助理教授)

LEAD Technologies Inc. V1.01

21 peer-reviewed KD publications

1 Textbook chapter for KD

1 KD books for parents

Department of Clinical Pharmacy,

School of Pharmacy, Taipei Medical University






Pediatric Cardiology Team for KD

Description: main19 peer-reviewed KD papers

2 NSC grants

2 others grants








Chih-Lu Wang, MD, PhD. (王志祿 醫師)

Pediatrics 2003—first reported CD40L in KD


J Pediatr 2002—first reported NO and iNOS in KD


Invited review from PIDJ 2005


2 NSC grants


Mentor of PhD student for KD research in Chang Gung University.









郭明慧醫師/博士 兒童過敏免疫風濕科主治醫師(醫師研究員)

Mindy Ming-Huey Guo, MD., PhD. (Physician Scientist)